We are experts in digital workplace
productivity, mobility and security

We deliver digital strategy and managed service solutions to enable and secure adaptive organisations

Not sure where to start your IT or security journey?

Our tried and tested approach will help you build and manage proportionate, resilient and adaptive IT and security capability wherever you are on your journey

Observe and measure

Identify if your current plan will address your critical gaps, pain points and deliver your strategy


Orientate and plan

Plan and design transparent strategy goal aligned solutions to address gaps, pain points and focus investment


Deliver and enable

Implement and adopt tailored solutions to drive simplification, re-use and optimization


Manage and inform

Expert managed service underpinned by tight cost control and tailor-made reporting to inform decision making


Enabling the adaptive organisation

Adaptive organisations optimize the use of their resources, eliminating unproductivity and improving creativity through collaboration and flexibility. Adaptive organisations transition quickly to changing markets evolving to identify risk and exploit opportunity.

Our strategy support, modern workplace solutions and cost-effective managed services will provide you with the building blocks to drive your journey to becoming an adaptive organisation 

Our Solutions

Managed Services

Cost effective IT and security managed services

Strategy & Capability

A unique methodology to build transparent strategic direction

Cyber Risk & Security 4.0

Security and risk for IT and OT in digitally transforming environments

Productivity & Mobility

Modern workplace solutions to support your digital transformation

Let’s Talk About Your Project

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

Observe and measure

We build a picture of your current strategy and technology state using tried and tested business architecture models and technology assessment tools to help identify pain points, critical gaps and misaligned investment focus.

Our unique methodology CabROSA combined with industry accepted best practice frameworks enable us to create a much more accurate assessment of what we like to term, capability effectiveness and organisation situation awareness.

Orientate and plan

Our Microsoft focus enables us to plan, design and integrate with you, modern workplace solutions.  Our planning methodology enables us to visualize how the planned solutions will deliver your requirements

Should you require further information to support your technology investment decisions, we can offer Proof- of-Concept exercise to give you piece of mind

Deliver and enable

We deliver modern workplace solutions proven to increase collaboration and productivity, enabling your workforce to work more flexibility, accessing the right data, whenever and from wherever they like, securely.

Our project teams will keep you informed every step of the way

We also continue to use our assessment methodology to ensure delivery meets your strategy goals, close your gaps, remove pain points and confirm your investment focus is proportionate.

Manage and inform

Manage and inform

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver cost effective solutions for both Enterprise and SME customers.

For example, our managed security operations centre provides cost effective SIEM SOAR and AI capability for even the smallest of organisations by integrating our wealth of preconfigured playbooks to minimize your internal investment and resource allocation.

Our reporting is designed to inform your decision making.