Cyber security skills gap contributing to 80% breaches


In our three-point blog, we select articles, distil and comment on what we believe may be the three most interesting and relevant points for our clients.  


  1. Cyber security skills gap: According to Fortinet 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report, 8 in 10 organisations have suffered at least one breach that can be attributed to a cyber security skills or awareness gap.  The article also states, 52% said they struggle to retain talent once they’re in the door.  Further, (ISC)2’s 2021 Cyber Workforce Report, found that the global cyber security workforce needs to grow 65% to effectively defend organisations’ critical assets.

  2. Addressing the cyber security skills gap: Fortinet also found that addressing this ongoing issue remains a top concern for C-level executives. 91% of respondents expressed willingness to pay for an employee to achieve cyber certifications, while 81% of leaders prefer to hire people with certifications.

  3. CF3 Comment: We would add, organisations struggling to retain talent is not just a security problem. All employees need to feel satisfied in their jobs which arguably results from streamlined processes, opportunity to reskill and grow, innovation, empowerment and a sense their organisation is adapting quickly enough to digital change.