Threat monitoring and threat response

Treat the cause, not the symptom (NCSC)

Mandiant M-Trends Report 2021: The average dwell time an attacker is in the victim’s network is 56 days

For most, treating the cause and not the systems is often seen as expensive, resource and time intensive. 

Microsoft Azure Sentinel has brought affordable automated threat monitoring and response to the masses.  What use to be a luxury of large corporates can now be adopted by the smallest most adaptive of organisations.  Our scalable cloud native solution can be implemented as a cost-effective standalone deployment through to 27/7 SOC supported services for the largest most demanding corporates.

What is the best option for my company?

CORE: Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) in its simplest form. Ideal for organisations with minimal budget and resource but still wanting a cost-effective solution for commodity threats.

REACTOR:  Enhanced SOAR and SOC for organisations with developed threat profiles.

DYNAMIC: Advanced SOAR and SOC for organisations wanting the highest assurance against advanced targeted threats and or those organisations which do not wish to invest in building internal capability

Take your own information and turn it into actionable intelligence to stop cyber attack

Customer requirements we address:
  • Technology that’s easy to maintain and can be deployed at speed.
  • Complements existing investments.
  • Obtains majority content from inbuilt connectors.
  • Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and prioritize threats.
  • Includes monitoring, investigation, alerting and response to threats.
  • Automated response to reduce resource burden.
  • Requires little additional internal capability investment.
  • Enables an increase or decrease in scale quickly and effectively
  • Intuitive user interfaces and integration with other tools, for example, TEAMS

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COLLECT data from across your entire enterprise

DETECT and analyse threats quickly

INVESTIGATE and hunt for suspicious activity

RESPOND using automated tasks to common threats

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