Strategy, risk and capability

Not all businesses want to be digital transformers or digital disrupters. However, by not even being a digital player, your business risks becoming un-competitive.

We de-risk your digital transformation program by helping you visualise your digital readiness. Our work is underpinned by our own methodology developed on the front line of IT digital transformation in the Oil and Gas industry.

Our methodology ‘Capabilities built on Risk and Organisation Situation Awareness’ methodology, CabROSA™, recognises the importance of developing the right capability to support and drive transformation.  It additionally enables you to identify and address transformation risk driving a level of organisation situation awareness that makes decision making more informed.  

  • We help you create or improve alignment of your Mission, Vision, Strategies, Goals, Tactics and Objectives to drive the development of your capabilities

  • We develop strong representative governance to define and measure risk, risk reduction, policy and standards and compliance

  • We measure capability components, People, Process, Information and Technology to help understand capability effectiveness.

  • Align strategy and capability to drive transformation:
    We align capability with strategic goals to assess whether they will achieve your strategy and if not what additional capability is required.
  • Create focused transparent improvement plans:
    We combine capability gaps with risk to help prioritise effort and investment focus
  • Measure change impact:
    The changes in capability to meet strategic goals will undoubtedly require change management.  We identify the level of change impact and align change management  accordingly

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